Monday, June 25, 2012

Mahabharata Volume 5 - Review 1

Mahabharata, Vol. 5, translated by Bibek Debroy 

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Peace Runs Through a River of Gore and Blood
Review, Part 2 (Part 1)
(Updated Oct 31, 2012)

This is the second part of my review of Vol 5 of the Mahabharata, translated by Bibek Debroy. The first part of my review covered the Amba Upakhyana Parva, and ended with the transformation, a permanent one, of Shikhandi from a woman to a man, thus fulfilling the first part of Shiva's boon to Drupada, of having a daughter who  would later turn into a man.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mahabharata Volume 5 - Review 2

Mahabharata, Vol. 5, translated by Bibek Debroy

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Amba and Shikhandi, and Bhishma - A Chapter, Begun in the Court of the King of Kashi, Will End on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra

Review: Part 1
(Edited Oct 31, 2012)
First off, let’s go over what the fifth volume of the unabridged translation of the Mahabharata by Bibek Debroy covers. It contains sub-parvas sixty through sixty-six. It completes the Udyoga Parva (fifth Parva) with the "Amba Upakhyana" (or "Ambopakhyana") sub-Parva (60th sub-Parva).  It contains the entire "Bhishma" Parva (sixth parva), which in turns contains the "Jambukhanda-Vinirmana", "Bhumi", "Bhagavad Gita", and "Bhishma Vadha" sub-Parvas. Volume 5 begins the "Drona" Parva (seventh parva), and within it contains the "Dronabhisheka" and "Samshaptaka-vadha" Parvas (sixty-fifth and sixty-sixth sub-parvas, respectively). This volume therefore covers the first 10 days of the Mahabharata war on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. The only major warrior to fall in the first ten days is Bhishma. Fittingly enough, the volume begins with the story of Amba, the eldest daughter of the king of Kashi, and how she was reborn as Shikhandi, and how she turned into a man, permanently. The word ‘permanently’ is pertinent, as I will explain. Amba, reborn as Shikhandi, was responsible for Bhishma's death on the battlefield.