These are short articles I have written on the Mahabharata.

  1. What does the Mahabharata have to say on the topic of charity?
  2. Bhima was never at a loss of either words or action. Yet, for once, even he could not say anything!
  3. Umpteem cases of not playing by the book
  4. The Sarpa Satra was one yagna that seemed fated to fail, and fail it did!
  5. The Mahabharata is myriad-coloured, not just black or white
  6. When Yudhishthira's uttered those chilling words
  7. Poor Yudhishthira; his yagnas never seemed to go as planned!
  8. What does the Mahabharata have to say on pollution?
  9. How did Ushanas become Shukra?
  10. When conditions are put before granting of boons, except when they are not! This is one of the most famous stories from the Mahabharata.
  11. Renouncing the throne - after the blood of a billion has been spilled?!
  12. Ego and what it leads to!
  13. Was Yudhishithira an always-forgiving man, or did he have his reasons?
  14. Brother wanting to kill brother, brother wanting to take his own life, and Krishna in the middle of it all!
  15. When Arjuna wanted to behead Yudhishthira! The seventeenth day of battle was an eventful one.
  16. Unintended consequences, or how sage Kashyapa's intervention to preserve Brahma's order had some unforeseen consequences.